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June 2015

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“Beirut Kanat Wa Takoun” – Martyrs’ square

On the 6th of June 2015, Artistic Director Ivan Caracalla brought to life a tribute to Beirut entitled ‘Beirut Kanat Wa Takoun (Beirut Was, and Will Still Be) – An Artistic Journey Through the …

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End of Year Shows

Dancing is built on courage, passion, discipline and talent.It takes bravery to open up your soul and be present on stage as you stand amongst an audience watching, contemplating, and applauding.This summer Caracalla Dance …

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Taming the unexpected!

Summer camps are all about discovery and escape, yet consistency and perseverance. Edutainment is key at Caracalla’s dance camps. This fun dance-camp workshop will open children’s eyes to new discoveries and doors to bright …


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Dance to life at Caracalla!

There’s a different kind of uplifting energy when summer  times are around the corner. The sun dances high in the sky, we  dream of touching its golden rays, we smell the heat, feel the …