The Enchanted Forest

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On: September 4, 2015

The Enchanted Forest is an artistic production especially designed to be the launching act of “The Cedar Nights of Tannourine”, a promising cultural festival in a beautiful unique Cedar Reserve Forest.

The Enchanted Forest
Is a legend inspired from the exceptional beauty of the Tannourine Cedar Reserve forest and from old tales taken either from reality or fantasy, then transformed into a dancing musical woven with a modern vision in which soul and body intersect in harmony to create magnificent scenes enriched with vivacity and splendor.

The story says that every one thousand years, the forces of nature: Earth, Fire, Water and Wind gather in a ritual reunion in order to glorify the eternal tree of life: the magnificent Cedar.

The djinn inhabitants of the forest call upon the Lord of the Forest who is said to preserve the secrets and witnesses to all the passed happenings as well as future ones. He is also aware that this timeless tree has always been sacred since indefinite ages, whereas the mortal human being is just a visitor through a passage of time.

Director Ivan Caracalla perceived the beauty of the Tannourine forest and acknowledged that this festival is going to add cultural and artistic values to all the festivals taking place around Lebanon, as it reflects the aspirations of the festival committee under the presidency of Mrs. Marlene Boutros Harb and the absolute encouragement of His Excellency Minister Boutros Harb who are eager to rise this festivity to the highest of standards, aiming to reach international acknowledgement.

A handful of the most prominent Lebanese singers and theater stars, as well as an international technical and creative team, joined together under the direction of Ivan Caracalla, in this unique theatrical production and promising festival.

Artistic team

Scenario:  Ivan Caracalla
Poetry:   Talal Haidar
Music Composition & Orchestration:   M. Reza Aligholi
Theatrical Texts:  Georges Khabbaz
Guest Singers:

  • Element of Water:  Hoda Haddad
  • Element of Wind:  Abir Nehme
  • Element of Fire:  Joseph Azar
  • Element of Earth:  Simon Obeid

Guest Artists:

  • Master of the Forest:  Rifaat Tarabay
  • The Land Owner:  Gabriel Yammine

Costumes:   Caracalla Theater
Wardrobe Execution:  Faten Meshref
Dancers:   Caracalla Dance School
Audio Design:   Giancarlo Gennaro
Set Design:   Giuliano Spinelli
Lighting Design:   Vinicio Cheli
Visual Design:   Sergio Metalli
Choreography:   Alissar Caracalla
Realized & Directed by:   Ivan Caracalla


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